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State Of Survival


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State of Survival APK, by Kings Group Holdings, is a strategy game. After its released in 2019, it became the top of the popular strategy games. Graphics, Audio, Gameplay and the Controls, make this game must play. Let’s discuss it further.

An Addictive Game Play

In terms of gameplay, State of Survival mod APK is highly addictive. Players are tasked with building and defending their settlement from the zombie horde while also battling other players for resources and territory. The game requires strategic thinking and planning, as players must carefully manage their resources and troops to ensure their survival. The addition of special heroes with unique abilities adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay, allowing players to customise their strategies and playstyles.

Game Update

First and foremost, it is important to mention that the game has undergone several updates since its release. These updates have not only improved the game’s overall performance but have also introduced new features, characters, and gameplay modes. The latest version of the State of Survival APK is 1.13.70, released on February 23, 2023. This update introduced a new feature called “Alliance Base,” which allows players to build and customise their alliance base. It also includes new hero upgrades, gameplay optimizations, and bug fixes.

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Game Play:

Building your Settlement: The first step in the State of Survival is building your settlement. Players must gather resources like food, wood, metal, and gas to construct buildings, train troops, and research new technologies. Players extend their army by recruiting more heroes.

Training troops: Players must build barracks to train troops. They are different with different qualities. Players can upgrade their troops, enhance the effectiveness of combat.

Gathering resources: Players must gather resources to construct buildings and train troops. Resources can be found on the game map, but players must defend their gatherers from attacks by zombies and other players.

Fighting zombies and other players: Players must defend their settlement from attacks by zombies and other players. Players can join other teams to help them and other stuff including attack and launches.

Researching technology: The game is Research and development based. You can search and apply new technologies. There are different technology trees for different aspects of the game, such as resource gathering, troop training, and combat.

Events:  State of Survival has regular events that offer players the chance to earn rewards and compete against other players. Events include challenges, missions, and battles.

Overall, State of Survival is a complex strategy game that requires careful planning and management of resources to build a successful settlement and defend it against enemies.

State Of Survival Graphics

One thing that makes State of Survival APK stand out from other mobile strategy games is its impressive graphics. The attention to detail is impressive, with buildings and characters designed to look as realistic as possible.



Protecting your beloved one with countless premium benefits for free is insane. But with the State of Survival mod apk you are going to enjoy this as much as you want. You want unlimited bio caps, free shopping or other premium items to be the champion of State of Survival. Don’t worry, because here is the list of benefits which you will enjoy after downloading the State Of Survival Zombie War mod apk:

  • Unlimited Bio caps
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Build Home fast
  • Kill Zombies with highest damage
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock Weapons
  • No Ads
  • Daily Rewards
  • All Premium Items Unlocks
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  • Engaging gameplay – State of Survival offers a variety of gameplay modes and activities that keep players engaged and challenged.
  • Impressive graphics – The game features stunning graphics and animations that make the post-apocalyptic world feel alive and immersive.
  • Strong social features – State of Survival mod apk has a strong social component, allowing players to team up with other players, join alliances, and participate in multiplayer battles and events.
  • Regular updates – The developers of State of Survival regularly release updates and new content, keeping the game fresh and interesting for players.
  • Free to play – State of Survival mod apk is a free-to-play game. So enjoy game with no tension.


  • Repetitive gameplay: Gameplay in State of Survival can become repetitive in stage, levels etc.
  • Slow progress – The game can be slow-paced, particularly in the early stages, which may frustrate some players who are looking for quick progress.
  • Requires internet connection – State of Survival is an online game that requires a stable internet connection to play, which may be an issue for players with limited access to wifi or data.
  • Can be time-consuming – Like many mobile strategy games, State of Survival mod apk can be time-consuming, requiring players to log in regularly to maintain their progress.
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In conclusion, State of Survival MOD APK is a well-designed and highly addictive mobile strategy game. Its stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, and engaging gameplay make it one of the most popular games in its genre. The regular updates keep the game fresh and interesting for long-time players. Vibrant community makes it more appealing. Overall, the State of Survival APK is a must-play game.

HOW TO INSTALl State of survival Modified version?

  • To install State of Survival Mod APK in your mobile you need to follow these easy steps.
  • Enable unknown sources
  • Click the given download button below
  • Save mod file in your mobile
  • Open the saved file and install the APK
  • When installation is completed, you are ready to destroy other Empires.

DOWNLoad State of survival MOD APK v1.18.85


Downloading the APK file from a trusted source is generally safe.

By downloading Plants vs Zombies mod apk from the given button, you will have access to all premium features of the game.

Yes, you can play this game offline.

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