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Clash  Royale is one of the top strategy games today, which has amazingly 500 million downloaded and got 200 million plus reviews. Clash Royale is like Clash of Clans, in which you build your state with a highly upgraded weapons-equipped army. In Clash Royale, you make your defense strong with gold and gems. Clash Royale is easier than Clash of the clan to play. However, due to some game events, it is only for some kids. Only 13  years old and above can download this game from the google play store.

Game Play

In Clash Royale, players start with a deck of cards, which they use to deploy troops, spells, and defensive structures in battle. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s towers while defending their own. Another Feature is the collection of cards. Cards come in different rarities, from common to legendary, and each card has its unique abilities and stats. Players can use gold to purchase and upgrade their cards, making them more powerful in battle.

To win battles in Clash Royale, players must not only have a strong deck but also use strategy and tactics. They must carefully manage their elixir, the resource used to deploy troops and spells, and know when to attack and when to defend. Timing is key, and a well-timed spell or troop deployment can turn the tide of the battle.

In addition to the card collection and battle mechanics, Clash Royale also features a clan system. Players can join or create clans with other players, donate cards to help others, and participate in clan wars against other clans.

clash royale mod apk unlimited everything


Clash Royale is great in its 3D graphics, like in COC. Cartoonish characters make this game more appealing. The movement of the characters is smooth and fine. The Animation is nice and neat. Eyes do not feel pain or stress while playing Clash Royale.


It is a private modified version where the Player gets everything unlimited. You can enjoy unlimited power, cards, gold, and gems. You can unlock all characters and easily complete daily tasks and missions with the Clash Royale APK version.



After getting Royale mod APK, you will have countless gold and gems. In Clash Royale, the Player needs gold/gems to build his state and upgrade his monsters and cards. You can win all battles with your amazing cards with no limit to gold and gems in your account. Build your Undisputed kingdom with Unlimited gems/gold with Clash Royale mod .

clash royale mod apk custom cards

If you have Clash Royale mod, you can unlock all cards because you have all cards as default in Clash Royale. With these amazing featured cards, you can make your kingdom so powerful and destroy all opponents.


Clash Royale is a renowned game on the strategy games list. In Clash Royale APK mod , you can enjoy all cards and unlimited power of the kingdom. Having unlimited gold in Clash Royale is crazy because you can have any card and monsters. You can complete all daily missions and challenges. This is an addictive game based on logic. Due to google restrictions, this game is not allowed to under 13 years old kids. With Clash Royale mod APK you are undisputed.



  • As discussed, Clash Royale mod is a modified version not available in the google play store. You have to download this version by following the following easy steps.
  • Click the download button below
  • Save the file on your device
  • Open this file
  • Install Clash Royale APK mod
  • When it is downloaded, start the game and enjoy.

clash royale mod apk download


Yes, it is free of cost

NO, the real game, Clash Royale is different from the mod APK, you can not play this mod with your original user ID.

Yes, it is completely safe and virus free. You can play Clash Royale mod offline too.

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