Stick War 3 MOD APK

Stick War 3 MOD APK

(Unlimited Money/Free Soldiers)

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Stick War 3


Max Games Studios


580 MB

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Unlimited Money/Free Soldiers, Unlock Everything

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Want to play action games with smart strategy? Max Games Studios knows your needs. With lovely crystal graphics as usual, the developer provides the world-famous game, Stick War 3. An offline strategy game crossed one million downloads and got seven plus rank in the google play store.

What is new in Stick War 3? You will never think when you personally experience the game of war, Stick War 3. The main features of Stick War 3 are following:

You can take control of any unit when you want. You can also team up with your friends and even play 2v2 matches. You can customise your army as per your strategy. You can play as a single player and expand your army with no limits. You can build your battlefield. Unlock army type for maximising your power. You can customise your troops and your status, voice lines, and emotes.

You can share your status, pause it and rewind the gameplay. This game has many more for you to experience because there is a fully animated comic scene with unique sounds and video style. This game is launched in early 2022.

Stick War 3 mod APK Unlimited all

Game Play

In campaign mode, players engage in battles against computer-generated enemies, progressing through the game’s storyline. The game’s narrative revolves around the world of Inamorta, where nations are at war with each other. Players rule and manage their Inamorta.

Multiplayer mode allows players to battle against other players from around the world in real-time battles. To win, players must deploy their units strategically and use spells and abilities wisely to defeat their opponents. Battles require quick thinking, tactical planning, and skillful execution.

One of the unique features of Stick War 3 is the ability to control a stick figure army in real-time battles. This enables players to have complete control over their army’s movements, attacks, and defense. The game’s graphics are designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for players to navigate and control their army.

Another interesting aspect of Stick War 3 is the various game modes available. Campaign mode offers battles against computer-generated enemies, while multiplayer mode allows players to showcase their strategic skills against other stick figure army commanders. With its engaging gameplay, intuitive graphics, and exciting game modes, Stick War 3 apk provides players with a thrilling and unique gaming experience.




Single-player, multiple-player, 2v2 or PvP, you want to be the undisputed ruler of your battlegrounds. This is possible when your device has Stick War 3 APK. When you have unlimited money/gold and all types of army troops, you are surely an undefeatable king. The Stick War 3 Mod allows you to enjoy the ultimate power of command. 

With this mod, you can unlock all army troops, you can expand your campaign as much as you want. You can win on every ground with zero damage and efficiently complete all ten missions in even hard and insane mode. So all you need is to download Stick War 3 APK; yes, that’s all.


You need gold and money when you are playing single, double or combined combat because when you play, you have to spend this money. Do you need to avoid this? Here you are! Now your money and gold will not be consumed in battle; more amazingly, it will be enhanced. Yes, you have to believe it.

With Stick War 3, your gold and money will be increased in battlegrounds. Gold, money, and even your Bluestones will be more in battlegrounds. This fantastic feature makes Stick War 3 Mod APK more valuable. And why are you worried? This is absolutely percent free of cost.


Stick War 3 APK offers you an amazing feature in this game. You can customise your army troops as you want. With this mod, you can unlock all kinds of army types and this will make you an undisputed player of all battles. You can do this even when you have zero money in the game.

You can change your fighting style and compose all your army bases with smart strategies. Making a quick army squad with Stick War Mod APK is not an issue at all. More army troops you have, make you one of the top players.

Stick War 3 MOD
Stick War 3 MOD


This is relatively easy to be a great ruler when you have unlimited power of command in your hand. Stick War 3 Mod provides you complete access to modify all your weapons. These weapons have significant role in battle because the more modified weapons you have, the more chance to win the war.

Moreover, you can use these potent weapons in places like grass hills, dunes, wood, seaside, swamp and glacier. So with having ultimate power of command with the Stick War 3 apk, you are the grand champion of all battlefields.

pros and cons


Like all apk there are many Pros and few Cons that you can face. With Stick War 3 mod apk you will get following benefits:

  • Unlimited power
  • Unlimited gold coins/money
  • Unlimited weapons modifications
  • Unlock all army troops
  • Increase blue stones and gold in battles
  • Take control of all army bases


There are few Cons as well that are following:

  • Slightly slow in running because of big size
  • Other apps run slow or stop while running this mod
  • Graphics are not like original.


Strategy games are love for the majority of youth now and Stick War 3 is one of the tops. Two to 6 hours of daily gameplay is not that easy but if you want to play like a pro, you need Stick War 3 apk. With this mod, you have all that you need in this game. All modified weapons, all army troops, and all battlegrounds are just in your control because you have stick war three mod apk.

There is no chance of being a loser when you have all the required featured elements in the game. So be the undisputed warrior. Play offensively rather you defence your fields. Expand your campaign as much as you want. Increase blue stones and gold in war rather than lose them. All this will happen when you play Stick War 3 mod.

Stick war apk mod


Yes, this mod is completely safe for all android mobiles.

Yes, you can play on PC with an emulator.

No, You can enjoy all features free of cost.