Steel and Flesh 2 Mod APK

Steel and Flesh 2 MOD APK

(Unlimited Money, GOD Mode, Mega Menu)

App Name

Steel and Flesh 2


Virtual Studio


243 MB

Latest Version

v 1.5

MOD Feature

Unlimited Sources, Unlock Everything, GOD Mode, Unlimited Food Supply, Max Level

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Talking about the kingdoms of 1212, we can imagine the rulers’ powers through their forts which are too long. VirtualStudio offers you to enjoy the same kingdom in 1212 by one of the top strategy games, Steel and Flesh 2. You enjoy the Mongols empire’s kingship and expand your kingdom as long as you want by defeating other kingdoms.

This is why Steel and Flesh got top rank and now you have its upgraded version 1.5 with the name of Steel and Flesh 2. And this is why 1 million plus players downloaded this game, rated for 7 plus. And 4.4 stars and almost 100k reviews.

This game is based on war strategy and defending and expanding your kingdom. You will enjoy countless battles and fights with other kings. You manage your soldiers in different types like archers, spearmen, crossbowmen and knights.


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Steel and Flesh 2 was released on 16 Nov 2019 and updated on 21 July 2022. This game is addictive game because of its war-style mod with excellent graphics. In this game, the battle size of people is 600 and you have a variety of weapons like swords, bows and farms and maces. These weapons are culturally relevant to the current market.

Game Play

Steel and Flesh 2 provides a realistic skill system where you experience real characters in various styles. Your character will be the same as you design it. That will be smart, handsome, agile and robust. Steel and Flesh 2 also let you experience vibrant and realistic landscapes from different places on the earth. You can enjoy snowy winters in the north and hot deserts in the south. There are mountains and water, so you can feel the natural weather conditions.

Fighting in multiple places around the globe makes you feel like a real king. Flawless graphics give you smooth and clean sights. But with all this, kingdom is not that easy, or it’s not a piece of cake. You have to struggle, you have to fight and finally, you have to win. 

If you feel stiff or sluggish to achieve top-rank kingship in Steel and Flesh 2, don’t worry. With a single click on the download button, you will be the greatest king of the game with Steel and Flesh 2 mod APK. Download this latest mod version and enjoy the lasting powers and health with undisputed rulership.

steel and flesh 2 mod apk max level


Being the super ruler and expanding a kingdom is not as easy. Steel and Flesh 2 mod allows you to be that king. Fighting with powerful kings with unique skills to occupy an exquisite land, you have to be more powerful and terrific than your opponent.

Whether you are fighting in a village or port, in open ground or in a siege, you need an army and for this, you need money. Steel and Flesh 2 mod APK provides unlimited army with unlimited health and money, making tension free to fight with bandits for the sake of money by selling your trophies. 

Purchasing anything premium and unlocking new maps makes you feel unhappy because you need actual cash to purchase skills and stuff. Well, you can avoid this worry by downloading Steel and Flesh 2 mod APK. You can enjoy drone view and you can have all the fresh accessories to be the legendary player with Steel and Flesh 2 APK because unlimited money and all premium items are provided in this mod.

Kingdom with unlimited powers is a dream when playing Mod Steel and Flesh 2. Outstanding skills and multicolored maps are not less than perfect. So all you need is to download Steel and Flesh 2 mod APK and enjoy the ultimate power of kingship with max level.


Playing in Indian dynamites or Delhi sultanate, Poland or Norway, Pirates of Rebels, Mod Steel and Flesh 2 gives you all maps without any delay or task completion. This mod makes it so easy to unlock any maps whenever you want.

As for weapons, the game has amazing and stunning weapons that look real and appealing according to the geographical culture. 3D graphics give you more comfort when playing with your own designed avatar and army. All weapons and premium accessories like helmets, shields, suits and boots can be unlocked with Steel and Flesh 2.

Multiple arm forces defend your kingdom with excellent and unique skills. Whether you are commanding sworders or archers, warbands or spearmen and knights, Steel and Flesh 2 mod APK helps you in every stage of the game to make you the ruler of the earth



You are ruling multiple arm forces in this game and these various groups of soldiers have different kinds of weapons and these weapons are close from you when you have Steel and Flesh 2 mod.

All types of weapons are in your hand now. Fighting in the Ottoman or Mongolian empires, you need the weapons according to that place. Steel and Flesh 2 fulfills your demand there.  Crossbow, Sowards, and all weapons, you will have very after downloading Steel and Flesh 2 mod APK.

pros and cons


There are numbers of Pros of Steel and Flesh 2 mod APK and few Cons as well. With this mod you have following pros:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock everything
  • 100 plus respect and reputation
  • Power of thrones and strength of 100 troops
  • Support of house of lord and top level
  • Zero bug


  • Graphics are not 100 percent same as original
  • Other apps can be slow


You want to rule in the desert or you want to command on mountains, Steel and Flesh 2 gives you all levels of satisfaction because of its realistic approach.  Creating your character as a warrior, getting your empire, and leading your army as a supreme commander are very few features of Steel and Flesh 2. Expanding your kingdom and enjoying all kinds of atmospheres in multiple places on earth with 3D graphics is so appealing for the players.

Strategy-based games where you have countless things to grow, make your own troops, and establish connection with your friend in Steel and Flesh 2 is unmatchable.

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Yes, this mod APK is absolutely free of any virus and it is safe for any device.

Yes, you need to download an emulator for this.

No, when you have Steel and Flesh 2 mod APK, you will enjoy all premium and legendary stuff free of cost.