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Rise of Kingdoms


Lilith Games


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Unlimited Gems, Unlock Everything, Mod Menu

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Art of Conquest (AoC), AFK Arena, Soul Hunters

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Rise of Kingdoms, renowned real-time tactics game that has taken the mobile gaming world to the next level, developed by Lilith Games, This is why the game has been downloaded more than 50 million times from the Google Play Store till now.


In Rise of Kingdoms, players can choose from a variety of civilizations, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. They must build their kingdom, train armies, and battle with other players to conquer new territories and expand their rule. The Rise of Kingdom is a strategy based game.

Players must make quick decisions on the battlefield and plan ahead for future battles. The game also offers a robust alliance system, where players can join forces with others to take on even more significant challenges. Each civilization has unique buildings, units, and technologies, all based on real-world historical counterparts.

Game Play

A player’s ability to strategically deploy their troops in battle against other players or the game’s AI opponents is critical for victory. Players can also acquire mighty heroes who possess unique abilities to lead their troops into battle and dominate the battlefield.

Players can band together with other players, combining resources and wits to create a formidable army that can dominate the game’s map. Participating in alliance events and supporting each other during battles can make all the difference in the game.

Rise of Kingdoms provides a multitude of game modes to suit a player’s preferences. Players can engage in player versus player battles, challenging other players in duels or joining forces to compete in large-scale battles. For those who prefer the player versus environment experience, the game also offers PvE battles where players can undertake campaigns to expand their territories and unlock new resources.

A key feature of Rise of Kingdoms is the research system. The game’s visuals are awe-inspiring, with detailed and historically accurate cities, troops, and landscapes that enhance the player’s experience.

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One of the biggest draws of Rise of Kingdoms is its stunning graphics. The game features detailed 3D environments and characters, as well as breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the game, from the intricate architecture of buildings to the lifelike movements of units on the battlefield.


Rise of Kingdoms is a real-time tactics game that offers a pleasing features to players. Some of the most notable features. Like other strategy games, Rise of Kingdoms is also a challenge. There are some requirements for all geographical stages. And Rise of Kingdoms mod APK provides all required sources for zero cost. So chasing your opponents and making them defeat is relatively easy. Some prominent features of Rise of Kingdoms APK are the following:

rise of kingdoms mod apk unlimited gold

Civilization Choice:

Players can choose from a variety of civilizations, each with its unique strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. Rise of Kingdoms mod APK allows you to conquer all these civilizations because of unlimited powers.

Kingdom Building:

The kingdom-building aspect of the game provides players with a sense of ownership and control over their virtual world, giving them a sense of accomplishment as they grow and expand their rule.

Real-Time Battles:

Players participate in real-time wars with other players, where the presence od mind is most important. You have to take quick step and make operational planning that could be change in few minutes. Rise of Kingdoms mod apk helps you in these situations when you have all the required stuff to be the greatest king.


Alliance System:

Players can join forces with others to form powerful alliances, taking on greater challenges and expanding their rule.

Campaign Mode:

The game features a well-researched and well-written campaign mode that takes players through the rise of various civilizations.

n-Depth Resource Management:

Players must balance the needs of their growing kingdom with the need to defend themselves from attacks, requiring careful resource management and strategic planning. With the support of Rise of Kingdoms mod APK, you feel no worries regarding these aspects because these are limitless benefits that you will take after downloading it.

These features, combined with intuitive gameplay and a highly active community, make Rise of Kingdoms an engaging and entertaining game for players of all experience levels.

Rise Of Kingdoms APK



Unlimited Power of Kingdom: When players can unlock every hero and all source packs with the Rise Of Kingdoms mod, they can easily conquer all kingdoms.

Win Every War: Most players experience that this game is pay-to-win because you have to purchase a lot of things in this game. Rise of Kingdoms Mod provides you money and gems with no limit and further, you can buy anything for free.


Slow Progression: For some players, the progression in the game can feel slow, as they must put in a lot of time and effort in order to reach higher levels and unlock new civilizations.

Lagging Issue: It is reported that if there is another app running in the background then you may feel lagging and disconnection issues during the game play.


Overall, Rise of Kingdoms is a must-play for fans of strategy games and history buffs alike. With its intricate gameplay, rich history, and vibrant graphics.

This game is sure to keep players engaged for hours on end. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the strategy genre or a newcomer to the mobile gaming world, Rise of Kingdoms mod APK is sure to impress.

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Yes, the game features a campaign mode where players can take on various missions and learn about the rise of different civilizations.

 Yes, Rise of Kingdoms mod APK is safe for mobile.

Yes, players can play Rise of Kingdoms on a PC using an emulator such as BlueStacks.

Yes, the game offers several language options, including English, Spanish, French, German, and others.