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8 Ball Pool by Miniclip, is a popular multiplayer billiards game that can be played on mobile devices. It has been downloaded over multi millions times and has a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store. Game is free to play, but to get premium sticks and big matches, you need to buy currency and coins in the game.

Game Play:

In the 8 Ball Pool, players compete against each other to see who can sink all of their balls and the 8 ball first. Each player is assigned either the striped or solid balls, and must sink all of their designated balls before attempting to sink the 8 ball.

If a player sinks their designated ball, they continue shooting. If they miss, their opponent takes their turn.

In addition to sinking balls, players must also consider the placement of their remaining balls on the table. They can strategically use their shots to set up their next shot or to block their opponent’s shots.

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Game Modes:

The game has various modes such as 1 vs 1, tournament, and mini-games. In 1 vs 1 mode, players compete against each other in a single match. In tournament mode, players compete in a series of matches against other players to advance to the next round. In mini-games mode, players can play various mini-games such as scratch and win or spin and win to earn in-game currency.

Players can also join or create clubs, which allows them to play with other club members in club-only tournaments. Clubs can be upgraded by earning club points through winning matches and completing club missions. Clubs also offer exclusive rewards and cues.

8 Ball Pool Club Information:

In 8 Ball Pool, clubs are groups of players who can play together in club-only tournaments and compete against other clubs. Joining or creating a club allows players to meet new players, participate in tournaments, and earn exclusive rewards.

To join a club, players can search for clubs by name or location. Once they find a club they like, they can request to join it. The club leader can then accept or reject the request.

Players can also create their club by paying a fee for in-game currency.then you can match with each other. Clubs can be upgraded by earning club points through winning matches and completing club missions. Upgrading a club unlocks exclusive rewards such as unique cues and tables.

In addition to regular tournaments, clubs can participate in Club Leagues weekly events. Club Leagues are weekly competitions where clubs are matched against other clubs of similar skill levels. The winning clubs earn rewards and move up to higher leagues.

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The benefits of using a mod for 8 Ball Pool include access to unlimited in-game currency or exclusive items such as rare cues or tables. Mod also offers additional features or gameplay modes not available in the official game like:

Unlimited in-game currency: Game mod offers unlimited coins or cash, which can allow players to buy premium items, cues, and tables without having to spend real money.

Access to exclusive content: 8 Ball Pool Mod APK offers access to exclusive content such as rare cues, tables, and tournaments that are not available in the official game.

Enhanced gameplay: Some mod offers additional features and options to enhance gameplay, such as extended guidelines, better aiming, or faster gameplay

Long Line: 8 Ball Pool Mod APK gives you a long line guide during the game so you can pot any ball in any pocket you want.

No Ban: with the Mod 8 Ball Pool, you can enjoy your game without getting banned.

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Fun and engaging gameplay: 8 Ball Pool offers an entertaining and challenging experience for players of all skill levels, with various game modes and online multiplayer options.

Easy to learn: The game is easy to learn and understand, with simple and intuitive controls that allow players to quickly get the hang of the game.

Large player base: 8 Ball Pool has a large and active player base, which means players can always find opponents to play against, both online and offline.


In-app purchases: The game heavily relies on in-app purchases to unlock certain features or items, which may be frustrating for some players who do not want to spend real money.

Connection issues: The game requires a stable internet connection to play, and players may experience lag or connectivity issues, which can affect gameplay.

Time constraints: Each game has a time limit, which can be frustrating for some players who prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience.

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In conclusion, 8 Ball Pool is a fun and addictive game that offers various game modes and customization options. Its easy gameplay makes it simple to learn. While the game does have its drawbacks, such as its reliance on in-game currency, it is still a great game for billiards enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.


 Yes, 8 Ball Pool is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Yes, players can join or create clubs in 8 Ball Pool.

Yes, 8 Ball Pool is free to play, but players can purchase in-game currency to buy items such as cues and tables.